What needs to be done to have more gigs?

What is the secret for some bands have loads of gigs and others don’t? The answer is obvious and pretty simple… DEDICATION!

There are a few things to have in mind for sure… 

Record some songs

In my opinion, you should record at least, 3 songs… Always try not to record similar kind of songs.. Why? For the person who is going to listen them realise the band is not “basic”… How easy is to record in these days? You just need a laptop and the band spend some time together. I believe with 5 days you will have material to show.

Make you phone ring

That’s the hardest part! Since you have something to show (songs), you need to email venues asking for gigs… They need to feel that you have interest to play in them venue! Always after you send emails, call the venue… tell them that you really want to play there… If you can reserve a day for that..

Finding places to gig

So easy with a little search… Google it for ( live music “city”). I’m sure you will find a few places! Enter a venue site, look for some band’s facebook… If you check the band’s events, you will get even more ideas of places to gig.. That is a good strategy…

Venue site ==> Band’s Facebook ==> Venue site ==> Band’s Facebook……

Envolve your friends

First point is… All small venues that have live music they survive because they sell drinks! If the venue see with your band comes a nice group of people/fans… You will have more dates to play there again almost for sure and a big possibility to charge a better income for that.. 

Keep your friends informed about what is happening with the band… send them new songs you record… always invite them for your gigs… only that way they will feel comfortable to help you out… to vote for you if you need… to advise your band in a venue… is all about that..

Good gigs for you all… i will post something else about each one of these topics will more detail in the near future.

Rock on!


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